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We are backed by the strength of the 400,000-member International Union of Operating Engineers and are experienced in dealing with health and safety issues, wages and fairness in the workplace.

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  • April 8, 2017Shop Stewards Course
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Why unions

Union workers have better benefits, greater job security and a voice in the workplace, community and government. Unions help workers earn fair wages and ensure workplaces are safe and labour laws are followed.

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Recent Updates

Update on Health Care Bargaining Units
Update on Health Care Bargaining Units
The new provincial Conservative government has committed to balancing the budget within eight years and has now begun discussions with all public-sector unions to find cost savings that will ultimately help maintain core services. From our point of view, the meetings so far appear one-sided with one goal in mind: to implement legislation which could adversely affect collectively bargained wages and benefits.
Out of Work Dues Increase in January
Out of Work Dues Increase in January

Please be advised that effective January 1, 2017, Out of Work dues will be $29.00/month.

Contact our head office at (204) 786-8658 if you have any questions or comments with regards to your Out of Work...