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Quotes from our members:

"OE987 is approachable. They're visible. They’re a phone call away. If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask them. They do respond. No matter how many members they have, they make you feel important. You count."
- Mary Ann King, OE987 member, Misericordia Health Centre

"My experience with the union is very positive...they've always been encouraging and supporting member growth when it comes to educational funding."
- Norman Gibbons, OE987 member, Misericordia Health Centre

"OE987 provides proper reinforcements in place for your job protection. I’m glad they’re there. I’m glad to be a shop steward with them. It’s what I’ve always enjoyed doing and will until the day I retire."
- Mary Senkiw, OE987 member, Misericordia Health Centre