Bill 29 Update for OE987 Members






Sisters and Brothers,

Now that Bill 29, the legislation to streamline bargaining units within Manitoba’s health care system, has been proclaimed we have started to meet with the Commissioner who will oversee the implementation, Bob Pruden.

As we go forward over the next 18 months, I am committed to keeping you updated with any information that I receive and to share OE987 ’s understanding of how the vote is going to be conducted and eventually the implementation of the new structure.

This week all the unions met with Commissioner Pruden at our request to receive the rules and procedures that we will need to follow leading up to and during the campaign period. Unfortunately, we have no more clarity than we did before, but I can tell you that from OE987’s perspective we asked for the following information:

  • Who is eligible to vote
  • What voter information we will receive
  • The composition of the bargaining units, and most importantly
  • The timing of the vote

As we go forward, you are going to be seeing and hearing from us with regard to why we are the best Union to represent you and all health care workers, and as we go forth we need you to reach out to everyone to remind them why we are the best to represent people:

  • We have represented health care workers since 1950, the longest of any union
  • We take the time to train and educate our union representatives, so we have people with the knowledge and expertise to make sure your rights are protected, and your needs met,
  • We have a training fund to help advance or transition you to a new career, and
  • Regardless of how many people we represent someone will always be there to pick up the phone.

As always, I and the other members of the team always want to hear directly from you with any comments suggestion or questions you may have.

In solidarity,
Marc Lafond