Bill 29 – Update from the Commissioner

Bob Pruden, the Commissioner responsible for implementing Bill 29, recently released an update for healthcare workers in Manitoba. Please see the message here.

OE987 is participating in MANY meetings with the intent of working through the issues before the vote occurs. Topics that are being discussed are:

  • Voter eligibility
  • Voter information
  • Union campaigns
  • Composition of the bargaining units
  • Post-vote transition

As of now, we still do not have an indication as to when the vote will occur.

As the process works itself through, expect more information from myself and our team. This process is a marathon more than it is a sprint. Please stay tuned as I will continue to update everyone as we learn more from the Commissioner.

We offer the best representation for healthcare workers in Manitoba and I know you are all proud to share that with your colleagues. We're proud to be working class and proud to be OE987.

In solidarity,
Marc Lafond