Bill 29 Update – January 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

On January 22, 2019, OE987 met with the employer’s representatives and the other healthcare unions to review the Bill 29 regulations that were just passed by the Provincial Government.

The regulations provide new definitions of Community and Facility support sectors, as well as employer organizations by region. The definitions of these sectors are as follows:

Community Sector

“In relation to employees, means employees whose work consists primarily of providing direct hands-on or psycho-social patient/resident/client care.”

For example, this includes our healthcare aides at Misericordia Hospital. Anyone who works in direct contact with patients across health care facilities within the province will be included in this sector.

Facility Sector

“In relation to employees, means employees who provide operation and support services, excluding employees of a child care centre that is licensed under The Community Child Care Standards Act.

For example, this includes our members who work in clerical, housekeeping, materiel services and trades, as their work is directly related to the working facility and they do not directly interact with patients.

Talks are ongoing to finalize what sector each worker will fit into.

Before the regulations were passed, we were told that we’d have an opportunity to weigh in on these definitions. The Government passed this new legislation without any consultation from the unions in healthcare.

You can vote for OE987 whether you are part of the Community or Facility sector. We want to represent you. We are a powerful and progressive union that respects and represents you.

As OE987 members, you’ve told us that we make you feel important as individuals. We invest in you, your wellbeing, your opportunities and we want to see you excel. Did you know that you reported feeling more important than the members of the two largest unions in Manitoba have?

I will keep you informed as we receive further updates about the vote and its regulations.

Until then, tell everyone that you are proud to be OE987.

In solidarity,

Marc Lafond
Business Manager

Download a PDF version of this update here.