Farewell, Michael!

Everyone at OE987 recently celebrated the career of our longtime representative, Michael Alberg. Originally joining the Operating Engineers in 1979, Michael retired at the end of September 2018 after almost 40 years of membership and service!

From starting his OE987 career working at the Health Sciences Centre, Michael became a Business Representative in January 1999. Mike has always been caring and compassionate to the members he represented. He often considered them good friends and colleagues. Even after leaving the hospital, the hospital never left him!

As a union representative, he had to advance positions that differed than those of his employer. Michael was always genuine and respectful. His colleagues describe him as, "extraordinarily tenacious and principled" and "kind and caring."

On behalf of OE987, I'd like to congratulate him on his decision to retire and wish him and his wife all the best in many years to come. He will be missed in our offices and by our members.

Marc Lafond
Business Manager