OE987 is Campaigning for You!

We recently sent out an update to our members in healthcare about our campaigning efforts this fall. Learn more below!

Billboards, Buses and Radio!

Since September it's likely that on your way to work in either Winnipeg or Brandon you were able to catch a glimpse at our billboards, buses or bus shelter ads! Didn't see them? Maybe you heard us on the radio, then! With over 60 years of representation in health care, our past has informed us for the future. We know the benefits of being progressive and providing representation that builds bridges, not walls. And we want Manitobans to know!

Did someone say free hot dogs?

We've recently given away hundreds of hot dogs, drinks and OE987 schwag at healthcare facilities in Winnipeg. We love seeing all your smiling faces and catching up! Small gestures like this are something we're proud to do. The connections that exist in our union simply don't exist elsewhere! We're small enough to have personal relationships with you while being strong enough to provide the representation that you deserve.

Spread the Word!

You've told us loud and clear that you like being represented by OE987. Now the only thing we ask of you is to tell everyone else! We know that we offer representation that no other union in the Province can. To keep it that way, be an advocate. We're all proud to be OE...987.