Save the Concordia ER


The Concordia Hospital ER is a critical facility for the residents of Northeast Winnipeg. Access to emergency care is important for all Manitobans, and OE987 supports keeping the Concordia Hospital ER open.

The Pallister government announced the closure back in 2017 as part of the wide-spread Manitoba healthcare reform.

However, it was made clear during today's visit to the facility that the closure of the ER is not supported by the Concordia staff or the neighborhood residents. Jobs are at risk, and citizens are strongly concerned about the time it will take to drive to the nearest emergency room. On top of this, the provincial government has not been clear on when they plan to close the ER, leaving everyone confused.

If you are a resident of Northeast Winnipeg want to show your support for the saving the Concordia ER, click here to order a lawn sign today - OE987 will deliver and place the sign for you! If you live elsewhere, there is also an option to request an "I Support Healthcare Workers" lawn sign.

Show your support today!