Starting 2019 with OE987!

Starting Strong

We’re starting the new year strong. In 2018 we began hitting the streets with our own billboards and signs. Our campaign for 2019 is preparing to launch in the near future as well. Keep your ears tuned to the radio and eyes peeled to the streets.

Putting Members First

We recently hosted a meeting for healthcare members to discuss Bill 29. Members received free OE987 hats and toques and even walked away winning cash prizes! You're always our priority, and we know that when you take time out of your day to support your union you deserve to be recognized for it.

Did You Know?

OE987 members report feeling that they benefit from being in a union more than members of the two largest unions in Manitoba? We’re asking our members to tell us why they choose to be OE987. Check out a couple of your responses in the new video below.