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We are backed by the strength of the 400,000-member International Union of Operating Engineers and are experienced in dealing with health and safety issues, wages and fairness in the workplace.

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  • December 13, 2018 7:00 pmBrandon District Meeting & Christmas Party
AEC v1.0.4

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Why unions

Union workers have better benefits, greater job security and a voice in the workplace, community and government. Unions help workers earn fair wages and ensure workplaces are safe and labour laws are followed.

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Recent Updates

Bill 29 Update for OE987 Members
Bill 29 Update for OE987 Members
As we go forward over the next 18 months, I am committed to keeping you updated with any information that I receive and to share OE987 ’s understanding of how the vote is going to be conducted and eventually the implementation of the new structure.
Keeyask Employee Success Guide
Keeyask Employee Success Guide

We have a number of OE987 members proudly working on the Keeyask dam construction site. With all of the opportunities present at Keeyask, a new interactive website has been built with information on what...