We are backed by the strength of the 400,000-member International Union of Operating Engineers and are experienced in dealing with health and safety issues, wages and fairness in the workplace.

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Why unions

Union workers have better benefits, greater job security and a voice in the workplace, community and government. Unions help workers earn fair wages and ensure workplaces are safe and labour laws are followed.

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Recent Updates

OE987 Kiosk Schedule
OE987 Kiosk Schedule
We still have a week and a half of kiosks before voting begins on August 8th. Check out our schedule to see where OE987 is headed next!
Busting Healthcare Myths
Busting Healthcare Myths
OE987 is committed to keeping you informed about the upcoming healthcare representation votes (the voting period is from August 8th – 22nd). There is a great deal of information going around, and we want to clarify some of the “myths” so you can make an informed decision going into this process.