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Some Local 987 bargaining units participate in health and dental plans established by the Operating Engineers of Manitoba Local 987 Health and Welfare Trust Fund. 

These plans are administered by Coughlin Employee Benefits Specialists, a company specializing in the administration and management of employee benefits programs. 

Important: Do not attempt to submit a claim to Coughlin for any health or dental benefits unless you are certain that your workplace is covered by a Local 987 health plan. 

If you want to check whether your workplace has such coverage, or if you want to confirm whether you are currently "in benefit" and therefore eligible to submit a claim under your plan, contact OE987 or Coughlin Associates.


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New Healthcare Benefits – vCare, Healthcare Navigation, Cancer Assistance and Medical Second Opinion

987 & 987B Construction Members

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Healthcare Navigation: 1-866-883-5956

Cancer Assistance: 1-866-599-2720

Medical Second Opinion (contact MyConsult)


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Coughlin Group Travel Insurance

OE987 Travel Insurance – 987 Construction Members

MOEL Travel Insurance – 987B Borland Construction Members


Critical Illness Program

CHUBB Life Insurance - Critical Illness Program


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