About OE987

We commit to providing progressive leadership for our members, our industries and to be an asset to our communities.

Operating Engineers of Manitoba Local 987 (OE987) is a strong union representing many industries in Manitoba including health care, heavy equipment and skilled trades. We are backed by the strength of the 400,000-member International Union of Operating Engineers and are experienced in dealing with health and safety issues, wages and fairness in the workplace.

In short, we’re ready to handle all types of job-related concerns and questions.

About Union Membership

With our members’ support and involvement, we will continue to fight for the best wage and benefit packages possible and to protect your rights on the job.


  • Provide professional representation while negotiating progressive Collective Agreements that ensure access to health care and pension benefits as well as fair wages.
  • Enhance employment opportunities by sponsoring apprenticeship and training which will secure a skilled workforce for the future.
  • Support and lobby for fair labour legislation.
  • Have access to legal counsel that specializes in labour law and will furnish it to our members when required.
  • Seek employment for our members and dispatch them to jobsites.
  • Keep our members informed and continue the labour movement by organizing the unorganized.


Represented Industries

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Executive Board and Staff

Marc Lafond, Business Manager/
Financial Secretary

Rob Middleton, President/Guard

Adam Morin, Vice-President/

Trevor Yuriy, Recording Secretary / Auditor

April Keenan, Auditor

Jasmine Paida, Auditor

Clarence Anderson, Conductor

James Spikula, Trustee

Darcy Tiderman, Trustee

Cory Hazelton, Trustee

OE987 Staff

Marc Lafond
Business Manager

Aarti Sharma
Business Representative

Adam Morin
Business Representative

Garett Williams
Business Representative

Trevor Yuriy
Business Representative

John Harasym
Membership Services Representative

Vince Johnson
Membership Services Representative

Lisa Winters
Administrative Assistant

Roberta Willits
Administrative Assistant