Bursaries and Education Funds

Canadian Conference Bursary  - All members' children. Deadline: August 1.

Gord Collins Memorial Bursary - All 987, 987B, 987C members' children. Deadline: October 1.

OE987 A & D Bursary - All 987A & 987D members' children. Deadline: October 1.

OE987 Training & Education Fund - All 987, 987A, 987B, 987C, 987D qualifying members. Deadline: April 1. 

PLCAC Student Bursary Program - Children of all members' that have worked in the pipeline industry, past and present. Apply in September. Deadline TBD.

GPMC / NMC Educational Bursary - Children of all members Canada’s construction and building trades unions whose local union has, within its jurisdiction, a General Presidents’ Maintenance Agreement or a National Maintenance Agreement. Apply between: September – November.  Deadline: November 30.