Busting Healthcare Myths


By OE987 July 5, 2019

OE987 is committed to keeping you informed about the upcoming healthcare representation votes (the voting period is from August 8th – 22nd). There is a great deal of information going around, and we want to clarify some of the “myths” so you can make an informed decision going into this process.

At OE987, we pride ourselves on our honesty: we are not making promises we can’t keep, nor are we spreading false information to scare voters. We are a strong union that actually cares about you!

To learn more about who we are or why you should vote OE987, please visit our Healthcare Campaign section.

Myth: You will lose your vacation time or seniority if you don’t vote for your current union.

Truth: You will NOT lose your vacation time or seniority, no matter which union is the successor in your representation vote. This is clearly stated on the commissioner’s website at https://www.bill29commissioner.com/

“Seniority rights and service recognition are portable. Employees will NOT lose seniority or service as a result of a vote regardless of which union wins the vote or which collective agreement is designated as the receiving agreement” – Robert Pruden, Health Care Representation Vote Commissioner


Myth: Other unions claim they offer the strongest benefits, such as prescription drug and ambulance coverage as well as best pensions and that you will lose these benefits if you don’t vote for them.

Truth: Healthcare employees in nearly all public facilities receive the Healthcare Employees Benefit Plan (HEBP) and the Healthcare Employees Pension Plan (HEPP). This means that EVERY healthcare worker has benefits such as drug and ambulance coverage and pension, no matter their union. To be clear, employees that are enrolled in HEBP & HEPP receive the identical benefits.


Myth: Contract negotiations are the single most important thing a union does for its members.

Truth: Contract negotiations are extremely important but are only one aspect of a union’s duty to its members. Your overall representation includes resolving workplace conflicts/disputes and handling grievances, being available to answer any questions that arise, and actually listening to what members have to say and offering them the assistance they deserve.


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