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Give this gallery some class

Choose slider options

Type of transition 'slide' and 'fade'

Transition duration (in ms). // ex = speed:400;

If true, the Slider will automatically start to play.

Pause autoplay on hover.

If false, prev/next buttons will not be displayed.

Include a slider with images and buttons


Add a slide image

Add an image for mobile support (500 x 500)

Add Alt text

Add a call to action button

Add a title

Add a description or caption to your image

Place class for alternate styling

Use Site Origin Page Builder to layout a content block

Open Builder

Set a background image

Change the background colour of this section

Give this content block some class

How would you like to align the title and description?

Add margins to the pagebuilder container

Place class for alternate styling

Choose which post type you would like to display

Would you like to show the post comments?