Bill 29 Vote Announced


By OE987 June 14, 2019

WINNIPEG – June 14, 2019. The Healthcare Sector Bargaining Review Act, or Bill 29, has officially been called to a vote by the Manitoba Provincial Government. Bill 29 allows all Manitobans working in the healthcare sector to vote for the union they feel will best represent them.

The vote will take place from August 8th to August 22nd.


Marc Lafond, Business Manager for OE987, stated: “This vote doesn’t need to happen. Not only is this a waste of taxpayer dollars and union resources, but it is disruptive to everyone working in healthcare. This is reflective of how our government has been handling Manitoba’s healthcare system.”

Lafond also noted “although OE987 is not in favour of Bill 29, we are planning to run an effective and efficient campaign that focuses on the issues that matter to healthcare workers in Manitoba. This includes issues such as excessive overtime, wage freezes, poor benefits and increasing stress over safety and job security.”  Lafond further stated that “I am confident that we are well positioned to win many  votes. We are a strong union that cares, and we support healthcare workers.”

Voting will be done electronically by computer, mobile device, or touch-tone telephone, and will remain anonymous. Voters will receive a unique PIN via mail to complete the vote. The number of bargaining units and collective agreements in Manitoba’s healthcare sector will reduced from 190 to 36.

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